Emirates B777-300ER Orange Expo 2020 Livery


Hi Guys i thought this was a cool Livery. at some point. I know it would take some time for the devs to do it but i think flight sims have it and Infinite flight should at some point also implement it.

Aaaand this is the blue one while the one on the photo here is orange. What will be good however is to specify the photo credits

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i would love to but im out of votes lol. il share the link with a few infinite flight groups on fb and get them to vote

im using the images under the fair use act.


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The op is requesting the orange livery, not the blue one

I was looking for the link a previous member put in, but he deleted it. thanks for sharing it

Fair use is cool and all but you still need to give credit according to the category rules, have a look at number 4 here:


ok thank you. will do in future, thanks for reminding me. iv posted the link in a few infinite flight groups so hopefully i add a few votes to it. thanks again


Quick suggestion, I would pick like a different photo for the top of the main thread that’s good quality. Something from Jetphotos.net would work. Just make sure to give credit to the photo


true. thanks for the suggestion.

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You have my vote (don’t forget to vote @Alan_Scott

i have zero votes left, which is why i shared the link with my FB groups. 1 or 2 have already voted.

thank you


I wish that i have more votes so that i can vite this aircraft livery 🥰🥰

You can always unvote something, esp if that vote has been added to IF already.

I know. But its hard 🥺 i still need to fight for the other livery