Emirates B727

Can you add some substance, not just a photo and a link? That would help to make it more than just a meaningless topic with only a photo.


The meaning of this topic is to add the Emirates B727 when the B727 get’s added, I have nothing else to say. :)


Never knew Emirates owned a 727 before.

Also: May you please add more substance to this topic? Maybe you can explain the history behind this aircraft, when it retired, fun/interesting facts, etc.

Thanks a bunch.


Take this topic as an example:

That topic has substance. It has facts and details, which really makes it a great and meaningful topic. It is much more than just a photo, it shows why the King Air 350i is important to be added to Infinite Flight. Yours is just a bare bone photo.


I like the 727. Its nice. However, votes are limited, and I have priorities :)


Emirates had the same livery?! Back then?!

What else is there to know? ¯_(ツ)_/¯
Just add it to IF.
: )


Performance specs, from when to when did the airline fly it. Why it should be added. Cus right now I could care less. Convince me to vote for it


Lol yeah sure why not.

Stop, alright? It’s a feature request. It’s to request a feature. Not write a ten page paper on why you should convince the devs why this should be added.

I’ll just pipe in for a second and add something. You have a better shot of getting something added to the game if people agree with what you say in a post. If enough people make it popular through votes, maybe, just maybe, the developers will take a look at it. I can’t speak for everyone, but I can’t stand it when someone just posts a picture. It can mean a multitude of things. Someone uploads a picture. Hooray! Just goes to show not much thought was put into making it a successful post, and goes to show that it isn’t really wanted. If it were really wanted by the original one who posted it, there would have more information. I agree, a ten page isn’t necessary but a short description or a few words would be suitable. Anyone can post a picture and a link. But only those who wish to make a difference in Infinite Flight, add content and contribute in a meaningful way. 😉


Well, that escalated quickly.


If the person who posted this had nothing to say besides it should be in IF and there is no rule saying you have to write a reason why you want to add the plane, no one should be forcing them to post it. Anyway, it would be cool to be able to have the 727 in this livery in IF.


You are right, there is no rule, but somethings shouldn’t have to be laid out to be followed. Think of it this way: Take this topic out of context, out of the features category. If you do so, this makes no sense. However, if you explain why you want this and why it should be added to IF, that adds to the topic. Then, it makes sense no matter where it is. Think of it that way.

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It’s a livery. I’m sure just putting a picture gets the point across. Now, if it was something more complicated then I agree with you.

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Ok guys, enough now, I’ll see what I can add.

Good idea! Pretty nice looking plane!

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That’s cool, the Emirates livery looks great on it!

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I think it’s up to the OP wether they want add some substance to the feature request. Although If they do, It would be more appreciated 😊

This is one of Emirates earliest fleet from PIA ☺. Looked lovely imho

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