Emirates B727

I’ll just pipe in for a second and add something. You have a better shot of getting something added to the game if people agree with what you say in a post. If enough people make it popular through votes, maybe, just maybe, the developers will take a look at it. I can’t speak for everyone, but I can’t stand it when someone just posts a picture. It can mean a multitude of things. Someone uploads a picture. Hooray! Just goes to show not much thought was put into making it a successful post, and goes to show that it isn’t really wanted. If it were really wanted by the original one who posted it, there would have more information. I agree, a ten page isn’t necessary but a short description or a few words would be suitable. Anyone can post a picture and a link. But only those who wish to make a difference in Infinite Flight, add content and contribute in a meaningful way. 😉


Well, that escalated quickly.


If the person who posted this had nothing to say besides it should be in IF and there is no rule saying you have to write a reason why you want to add the plane, no one should be forcing them to post it. Anyway, it would be cool to be able to have the 727 in this livery in IF.


You are right, there is no rule, but somethings shouldn’t have to be laid out to be followed. Think of it this way: Take this topic out of context, out of the features category. If you do so, this makes no sense. However, if you explain why you want this and why it should be added to IF, that adds to the topic. Then, it makes sense no matter where it is. Think of it that way.

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It’s a livery. I’m sure just putting a picture gets the point across. Now, if it was something more complicated then I agree with you.

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Ok guys, enough now, I’ll see what I can add.

Good idea! Pretty nice looking plane!

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That’s cool, the Emirates livery looks great on it!

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I think it’s up to the OP wether they want add some substance to the feature request. Although If they do, It would be more appreciated 😊

This is one of Emirates earliest fleet from PIA ☺. Looked lovely imho

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This was Emirates first kind of aircraft back in 1984.

1985 to be exact. They started small but now they are big.

Definitely not a fan of the emirates 727 but I do like the 727 FedEx

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Hello! As mentioned before, you need to have more info about the airplane. Also, before you can request a livery, the plane must be added first.

This topic is over 4 years old. There’s no need to bump and inactive topic for this. Also there is no rule that you can’t request a livery for an aircraft that isn’t in IF.

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I don’t know if the livery is being requested of the bat, or if it is being requested as well as the plane being added to IF. My point is that it is not reasonable to ask for a livery before the aircraft is added no matter the rules.

Well, your interpretation of the rules, or reasoning for them, is incorrect, and it would annihilate a huge number of the livery requests that have seen no moderator attention for the aircraft not being in IF. Take the Hawaiian Airlines A330-200 request for example. The aircraft isn’t in IF, it has 40 votes, and numerous duplicates have been made, which were closed by a moderator who saw that this Hawaiian A332 request exists, and took no action for it not existing. Also, in the event that the 727-200 gets added and comes as a surprise which can happen, how would it be known that we want the Emirates livery without a topic made for it prior? (rhetorical)

As for the topic not having much detail, you’d be correct until the discourse (what the IFC is run on) limitations come into play. There is a 60 day limit for a post to be edited. After that time, it cannot be edited by the OP, and it is highly unlikely it would be made into a Wiki for TL3+ to edit, especially for a feature request. This topic, having been made 1,491 days ago as of this post, cannot be edited as 1,491 is greater than 60.


To your Hawaiian Livery request, The Airbus A330-200 Is already a feature request. So the livery request gets added if the the plane gets added. The base airliner for the livery is being requested. For this, the rules are rules, but I would add a base airliner request so the livery request gets some views. I want it to get views because I am actually interested in the 727 with the Emirates livery get added to IF. Since the OP cannot Edit this should be remade. (And Thanks for telling me that 1,491 is greater than 60)

Bruh under your 80% of the livery feature request would be closed bc the plane isn’t in the games the plane doesn’t have to be in the game in order to make the request

We have stated this and I made my correction.

I hope they add it as a surprise. The slim chance, but it would be cool.