Emirates Airline - Is it as successful as people think?



I think they are at the peak and they might drop soon, although i doubt it


Well I think they are buying WAY to much! They need to calm down with all the planes and the luxury for gods sake the A380s HAVE ROOMS !!! And you know how much it costs to repair a normal chair!


Emirates Litreary SUCKS, Espesially 777 and 330/340, they fly an old creepy Plane for some long flights and A380 for super short flights like Kuwait and Doha, Emirates is Unfair, Unlike Qatar and Etihad!

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Looks like they are running out of money IMO :/

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I’m sure there’ll be another sheikh that will invest in them if they need it.

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Funny question, does emirates dominate the skies? You tell me:

They built themselves one hell of a reputation! They might be falling apart though:(

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They are funded by people with unlimited money and power


That is a good point. But if they are simply losing money, I don’t think those people want to go down with them. :/

Ok in that case @R_Jordanian I will blame RJ on using a A320 to Kuwait and a 787 to Dubai.
EDIT:Also they have retired the 330/340.

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I mean look emirates and qantas are two of the top airlines in the world and they’ve got a partnership, emirates will continue to rise in my opinion

Emirates only now have A380 and 777 only

Dubai has turned into a tourist destination so demand for the route will not go down. They will just have to be realistic with the demands for the routes. Like not every major airport in Europe needs an A380 on the route. How could the possibly fill up the A380 on the Copenhagen route. Maybe CDG, Gatwick, LHR, FRA and AMS but certainly not airports like Copenhagen.

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They don’t fly the 330/340 anymore. And we only get A380 operated flights to Australia and New Zealand now.

There from Dubai of course they are XD

I didn’t get drinks served or pretty much anything until 4 hours into the flight.

You guys have no idea…

Firstly, they are not falling apart. Although they use big planes, carrying big amounts of passengers, with many routes, they still manage to fill them, raking in massive profits. At the end of the financial year of 2016, Emirates announced record profit of $2 Billion US Dollars, with a profit margin of 8.4%!

Let’s break it down. They fly new, fuel efficient aircraft that are high in quality. They have great service, on the ground and in the air, and the onboard facilities are very nice. They sell cheap tickets for economy, and sell reasonable prices for their premium products. They fly to almost everywhere. Although through an aging system, their planes are seen all around the world. They pay for the expensive airports, expensive gates and often set up their own terminal. They hire experienced crew and pay them well. These, you may think, are the expenses. They are, but that’s what makes them the most money.

They uphold a standard like no other carrier. While carriers like British Airways, American, Lufthansa and Qantas have to give in to the pressure to reform their standard (which they all have), Emirates can stay afloat using this name they’ve built for themselves. Think about it this way, when you go on an Emirates flight, are you worried that you’ll crash? No, I doubt it. They’ve had only three accidents, ever recorded, with no casualties! That’s incredible for an airline that’s been going for thirty something years.

Basically, the way they’ve been able to continue with a huge fleet of huge planes and manage to fill them, all comes down to this name they’ve built themselves. They sell top quality, for a reasonable price, and then they make a profit off it. They don’t need large profit, nor do they get it, but they will not, be leaving our skies any time soon.

Other things to consider:

  • Investors. They have investors from all over the globe, and a lot of them are extremely rich. Not to mention the fact that they’re owned by the government of Dubai themselves.
  • Cargo and other branches. They have diversified their market to better secure themselves if a problematic financial issue was to occur.
  • Experience. It’s been around thirty years, and will be around a lot more. They know how to handle a massive airline. With new orders of the 777X, they have secured a good future.

I’ll answer some of the statements above

They will only drop if they either lose government support, or if another economic crisis strikes.

You have no idea. They have trillions lining their pockets, they can afford to expand. In the airline industry, if you have money, you spend it. Also, they have enough money to repair a chair…

Old, creepy plane? I’m sorry, Royal Jordanian only retired it’s 330’s around the same time Emirates did… Anyway, long haul planes last longer as their flight cycles per year are greatly smaller than a short haul plane. So, although their first 777’s are quite old, they’re getting new ones delivered (and retiring the old ones) as we speak, so not really that old. And about them flying long distances? Yes, that’s why they were built. And about the A380 flying such a short route? Well, if a route has high demand, it needs more passenger capacity. In the airline industry, if your route is full, you upgrade the route’s plane. Pretty simple.

Also, Emirates is Unfair? Oh please.

Record profits, 2016. Emirates running out of money is never going to happen. They’re funded by the government of Dubai, with massively rich investors, and a lot in the bank.

Exactly. But they won’t be falling apart anytime soon.

You’re right about Dubai being a major tourist destination, but it’s also the Hub factor. Emirates requires all people to go through Dubai to get anywhere else, so now it’s revenue for incoming traffic has increased. About CPH Route? They will change it if they can’t fill it. At the moment, they are filling the planes that are flying there. So, that plane is fine.

Overall, Emirates is an extremely succesful airline that isn’t going anywhere soon
P.S: If you don’t know anything about the topic, why comment? It’s just false speculation…


Etihad airline stationed in Abu Dhabi stands a better chance the Emirates airlines station in Dubai because if Dubai goes broke then they will have to push the trade and the commerce even harder but if Abu Dhabi goes broke they would only have to sell a couple of oil barrels because ADNOC is running the show which stands for Abu Dhabi national oil company.

Emirates still has enough assets at this time to survive if Dubai went broke, although that is extremely unlikely. They can make a profit with what they have now.