Emirates Airbus350


I was wondering why there is a Emirates A350 because they do not even have one!!!

They ordered it

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They had ordered them, and correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe they cancelled the orders.

Emirates has 50 A350s on order.


Arguably, you could say the same with United and Aer Lingus’ A350s in Infinite Flight. Both airlines do not have them in their fleets yet. United has the A350 on order while Aer Lingus’ A350 order isn’t really a thing anymore.


No they didnt cancel them, deliveries start 2023!

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Really?! I thought I heard news that they were cancelling all of the orders. Awesome!

They canceled their a330-900 orders and ordered more A350 and 787-9 during Dubai airshow pretty sure.

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Yes! That’s correct!

That’d make sense. The A380 is dying and definitely needs some better replacements.


thank you all to who has replied!!!

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