Emirates Airbus A380 "Arsenal" Livery

Photo taken by Christian Jilg

Cool livery if you are a fan of the Barclays Premier League

I’m not an avid fan of Football, but something about the liveries for the FCs are fascinating and appealing.

I really love football (as @Captain_Rojas knows), and I can’t believe this hasn’t been requested before!!!

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Who doesn’t love football?


Should of added a sign saying Arsenal, Emirates. Still a nice livery to see on the A380.

Well, I don’t like it

Still, it’s a good livery imho

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I would prefer wildlife livery.


Ha lost to liverpool 3-1.
Even though I dislike arsenal it would be a intresting livery.
Does it have any copyright issues?

4th best livery of Emirates.

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Just like how Arsenal always ends up 4th at the end of every season.


Looks great on the beautifal a380.

Why does Arsenal have to be on a plane I love 😩