Emirates Airbus A340-500

This one is very cool
Photo is not mine
no polls please


I like it! Would love to see more liviries on the A340 on IF.


Looks nice!

I wasn’t that old when I flew on this out of JFK bound for DXB. I also have a model of this beauty. Would love to see it in IF.


My favorite plane!! I love it in Emirates livery!

So cool! Sadly, when I went to the US open it was Emirates day and the flight attendant said that she hasn’t been on their “smaller” planes (the A340/A330) and that they are starting to get them out of their fleet:(

I really don’t mind as their still fying, who knows what the future holds 😎. And my favorite plane is Actually all the A330/A340 family not just that a340-500 😉


It’s like the boeing 747 Air France; he’s retired

Agreed :D we need a big update on it

But still: an awesome livery. The same goes for the Air France Boeing 747

Now sadly, they retired the most beautiful A340-500 ever!

Wow love it this one and i wish to coming in future 👍😍

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Emirates no longer have A340s as they moved to an all 777 and A380 fleet. Still a great addition, and by the way, that photo is terribly old, Emirates A340s haven’t been to Sydney for several years!

Livery looks good on the aircraft, nice photograph as well.