Emirates Airbus A330-200



Nice did you take this photo?

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No find it on the internet 😜

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Anyways it’s a good photo but the landing gear looks a bit wacky

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I yeah I see it as well

If you’re talking about the gear tilt then it’s absolutely supposed to be like that.

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Well Just saying this is perfect to be in IF!

Seatguru mentions they use the A330-200, and Wikipedia lists 8 A330-200s, and no -300s.

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That’s an a330-200 in the picture I’m pretty sure.

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Yep, that bad boy is the A330-200.

bombing to the top, Looks awesome.

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I’ve flown on this in real life, it was awful. The IFE was so outdated and was barely working. But on the other hand, I really like the way it looks! 😉

Infinite flight needs to add the Emirates A330 and A340 Emirates

Similar story I was on this 14hr Flight from Dubai to Brisbane and the IFE was also Outdated.
But it did feel cool flying in an LR

guys have to slow down The developers of infinite flights do a lot of work, they have to go slowly all the time.

Your right.
But as soon as they can they should.

it’s retired since 1.5/2 years

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