Emirates Across The Globe! Dubai to Fort Lauderdale (EK213)

Emirates 213 | Dubai-Fort Lauderdale

Unfortunately, the Fort Lauderdale service as well as the Newark service nonstop from Dubai has been terminated by emirates. This is a big blow to the Fort Lauderdale area, as we only have two Middle Eastern flight left. We have a Qatar Airways flight to Doha, from Miami, and an El Al flight to Tel Aviv, from Miami. Let’s meet at Fort Lauderdale does not have any services in the Middle East anymore. In order to remember this flight, we did (by we I mean @Canadian_Aviator and @Andres_Camargo) flew from DXB to FLL, one last time.

Server: Expert
Flight Time: 14:24

All 3 of us in the A concourse in Dubai.

V1, VR, Rotate!

Pitching up with one plane sitting on the runway, in the other holding short.

And this is why I love flying over Switzerland and Italy!

No caption needed

Crossing Pompano Beach in Broward County, Florida

Crossing the suburbs of Southern Florida (Coral Springs, Boca, Parkland, Coconut Creek, Plantation, Westin, and Miramar)

Butterization in Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport.

All three of us reunited after 14 1/2 hours in Fort Lauderdale!

Thank you, and I appreciate your feedback. Please let me know if there are any other recommended routes you would like to see me try!


The photos turned out great!

Thanks for the flight!

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Any form of the word “butter” results in an immediate suspension from the IFC. Can we get a mod here please?

This is a joke, by the way.

Great photos, Zac. Hope you enjoyed the flight!

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Wait is that true 😳😳😳😂😂😂

No, it’s not true!

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I got nervous for a second lmaoo

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Thank you! It was a fun one!


Nice pics mate!

@Zachary @tunamkol


Great Job on the Photos i had fun flying with :)

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This was a fun one!

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They look great, some are just a tad over edited

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wow i like it

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