Emirates A380 Service to Resume to Houston

Hi y’all! Today I’ve got some very important news. Emirates has announced that they will be starting/resuming A380 service to Houston! The service will begin June 1, only 6 days before the first United MAX 9 begins revenue flights. The DXB-IAH-DXB route is operated by a 777-300ER. The 77W service started in 2016, preceded by the A380. It will be nice to have more A380’s in Houston, because as of now we only have the Lufthansa 380.

Emirates Airline

June 1, 2018

Houston, IAH

To increase capacity to the growing US Market

So, in conclusion, Emirates will be resuming A380 services to Houston on June 1, 2018, replacing the 777-300ER.



Might have to go spotting there just to find some Emirates beauties

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June 7 is gonna be a big Houston spotting meet up if you want to come!

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@Matt737 What do you mean by big? It sounds really cool. Also, damn, i wish i could go…

I wish they’d resume SYD-AKL flight with their 380’s 😕.


Big meaning lots of spotters, first timers, and airplanes!

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The original decrease in capacity was due to the oil price downturn resulting in less business from oil companies for Emirates which was carrying the business class for their flights, so they decreased their business class size to fit demand. Now that oil has recovered more they will add that business class capacity back.

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