Emirates A380 Quarantined at JFK

An a380 for Emirates Airlines landed at JFK and was immediately sent to a separate aria to be quarantined after as many as 100 passengers complained of similar symptoms. The aircraft was immediately searched by CDC and Pirt Athority officials who determined that 19 passengers were sick. 10 of which were taken to the hospital, and 9 refused medical attention. The symptoms initially appear to be flu, but there is no conclusive results for that yet. Here’s an article!

I’ Make sure to keep you up to date since I am sure the CDC is going to want to look into this further…


Did they eat the fish?


It looks like the passengers were set free.

I don’t know, I am sure food is certainly going to be looked at very closely…

What do you think got em all sick?

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Yes, they were all checked out by CDC officials, and were allowed to go…

I was watching the news and they said it was some form of a flu. I don’t think it is from food or anything since they interviewed passengers, and they said before they even got on that passengers were coughing violently and looked ill. Of course plane was packed too with I think 546 onboard.

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To clarify, as I know this question will come up, the A380 was quarantined and departed back to Dubai with paying passengers at 3:30pm Eastern (4 hour delay).

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Good to know, I would not want to fly on that flight…

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Did the have to check each person individually or just the people sick?

I believe everyone, from what I hear the CDC takes these things pretty seriously…

Ya when everyone came off I think they checked everyone’s termperature and everyone had to be quarantined. I can’t even imagine after that 13 hour flight, then sitting on the plane for 2 hours, then having to get quarantined. Not a fun flight :(


This shouldn’t be forgotten as midair scares such as outbreaks can lead to a new “virus” brought by bodies when exposed to a certain height. Extra precautions I’m sure, are being taken. Research needs to be done and if it is the food, new global standards need to be put in place. It’s not a pretty sight when stuff like this happens, but at least it can prepare us for the future.

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why we have Customs.


I read somewhere that the flu “outbreak” originated from Saudi Arabia because there’s a fly outbreak there but idk if it’s true or not

Some government official tweeted that the aircraft made a stop in Mecca where there is apparently a flu outbreak

  1. Mecca doesn’t have an airport.
  2. no way in hell did a Emirates Flight stopped in Saudia Arabia.
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No I think that there were people that were connecting through Dubai from Mecca

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There is not even an airport in Mecca!

OEJN Is in Mecca…