Emirates A380, LAN 787-9, 767-300ER, US Airways A319 new location

As always the A380 in my opinion is the best photo there

Thanks man :). A380 was insane-You never appreciate the size of something till it passes in front of your face. Crazy big!

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Thanks :). I was kicked out before the overcast clouds and storms moved in so the lighting was nice.

Lighting makes it totally worth chatting with another idiot that doesn’t know the PAPD rules :)

(For the record, the PAPD does not say that photography is illegal or legal on airport grounds)

Out of new content so bumping an old one. Rest of trip here ^

Always love yours and @Nick_Art s photos

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I don’t know. The one time EK brings their a380 I’m I am in computer class secretly watching the plane land. I really wanted to take a picture of it. I’m sure no a380 will ever come to KMCO.

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emirates did, but that was for its inaugural flight. now they use the 777-3 :)

They bring the 777-200LR sometimes.

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Dude there is no LAN route from EZE-JFK

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When I typed that, either the 787 operated both segments under the same flight number, or I didn’t account for the fact that the 767 operates the EZE-SCL segment.