Emirates A380, LAN 787-9, 767-300ER, US Airways A319 new location










What camera body and lens did you used on this? Nice shots!

Thanks :).

Nikon D40X, 55-200 mm. Lens.

Not sure if I used 200 on the shots above. They were taken from ramp (Hence the lack of many photos-Stupid post 9/11 paranoia * rolls eyes*


is this Miami International?

It’s JFK, not MIA (EK doesn’t fly to MIA. Yet).

Interestingly enough, LAN 787-9 CC-BGE (pictured above) flew to MIA the day before :)

they fly to orlando but not miami lol whyyyyy

QR’s 77L may have something to do with that ;).

Honestly, I have no clue.

Do both the LAN 787-9&763ER fly to SCL?

789 goes to SCL
763 goes to LIM and GYE
788 goes to LIM (Maybe messing it up with SCL)

I actually think that 767-300ER don’t fly to LIM

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I thought they replaced it with 788 hahahaha

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They have some very new 767s delivered to TAM in 2013 (Maybe some new to LAN?). When TAM and LAN got all comfy in bed together, some of TAM’s new 767s were transferred to LAN.

Probably won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.

Added in an ABX Air Boeing 767-200ER:

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LAN has such a beautiful livery. Shame the new LATAM logo looks like a let down

I didn’t convince them. I drove up the road to the parking lot by the apron and took photos thru the fence-They kicked me out

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Agreed. LATAM is nice but I’ll miss LAN a lot

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Accidentally mistyped somethig above;

789 flies EZE-SCL-JFK
763 flies SCL-LIM-JFK and GYE-JFK

The 788 apparently doesn’t dly to JFK anymoee, or the time I photographed it was a one-off

Ahhh. I see