Emirates A380 Incident (Melbourne AU)

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau is investigating an incident where an Emirates Airline Airbus A380 descended below minimum assigned altitude while on approach to land at Melbourne Tullamarine International airport.The Bureau’s safety investigations and reports website says that the aircraft, registered A6-EDM (MSN 42), was operating a flight from Auckland on 14 July when the incident occurred. It was positioned around 28km south of the airport at the time.

“When cleared for the runway 34 RNP approach, the aircraft descended below its assigned altitude of A030 and out of controlled airspace. The controller alerted the crew and the aircraft climbed back to A030,” it says.

The operational incident is being investigated, with an expected completion of July 2017.

Flight Fleets Analyzer shows that the Engine Alliance GP7270-powered A380 was built in 2010, and is owned by the airline.

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Was there a crash or something? It is a bit hard to comprehend.


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I think it crashed it didn’t say anything in the article

“ATC instructed the aircraft to climb back to 3000 feet. The aircraft climbed back and continued for a safe landing on runway 34.” This is according to Aeroinside: Read the article here

So this incident was because an EK A380 went below the assigned altitude in an uncontrolled flying area?

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It certainly did not crash.

I live below the ILS approach for RWY 34 at Melbourne and I sit out there a lot of nights to watch the heavy traffic. If I recall correctly, I remember noting an EK arrival being very low on Flightradar 24 a few weeks ago, and I recall watching that same arrival. I’m pretty certain that I did see this approach!


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