Emirates A380 gear failure after takeoff.

##Emirates A380 gear failure after takeoff.

Flight EK18 had barely got off the ground before it had to recalculate its destination after the landing gear failed to retract


Anyone catch this, on the plane or know anything more?


Glad it was able to land safely.

What happened to #real-world-aviation not being a news article dump?


Yes A6-EEB had a lading gear issue with it not being able to contract its front gear , diverted to LHR with plane being offloaded and paxs being placed onto other flights departing LHR today. A6-EEB still at LHR.

Video of aircraft landing in the link below.

@Rodney_Buckland while i somewhat agree with you , at least @LouDon16 made the effort to post a more insightful thread then just posting a ton of new articles but no info. News articles often give a brief detailed outline of what happened for people wanting to know more… Maybe best to save that quote for one someone who commits such a act , and then i will most definitely give it a like to show my support !


Totally agreed. Well said.


Exactly. But we had a movement going there for like two days and then it just died lol

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Yep, it was a while.

Just wondering, isn’t this the second time such an incident has occurred

The landing was one of the smoothest I’ve ever seen on an A380.

with incidents like this it could of possibly have been detected by engineers beforehand so it could be the airlines fault

Sounds like something an AirBus would do.

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Errrrr not so sure about that , with the size of EK’s fleet incidents like this will be expected and probably will happen again. No airline is immune to technical issues.

sure but sometimes it can be down to negligence

Sometimes , but I am nearly 100% sure EK with their extensive maintenance program and safety record would not risk letting an aircraft fly with underlining issues and risk their reputation.

they do risk there reputation with how they treat some of there local pilots with the culture that you cant call in sick/tired but if you want to get a promotion you cant do that. There have been multiple reports from ex pilots of Emirates.

Not just a EK problem , industry wise issue. However it was you should expect when working in the UAE.

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Scary, I guess those huge gears have the right to fail once or twice in a decade! The A380 seems to have these intermittent problems, luckily this wasn’t as bad as the Qantas A380 engine failure.

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That was bad, really bad, a heap of people almost died in that one. Glad everyone is safe on this flight

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Looks like a hydraulic issue. If you look at the picture in the first post you’ll see that the nose gear doors are still open when they should be closed as the main gear doors are. Seem to be a hydraulic sequencing issue.

If you ever fly aircraft with hydraulic powered undercarriage always, always, always be wary if the doors are not sequenced properly as it is almost always indicative of a hydraulic sequencing error as a good friend of mine discovered when he had an uncommanded nose gear retraction in a Sea Harrier when the hydraulic pressure came up on engine start. It ended his flying career!


I ended the pilots career on this flight ??