Emirates A380 Fly-out to JFK

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credit: Infinite Flight developers

I you want to join this flyout event it will be on the 2nd of March 2024 at 2024-03-02T10:59:00Z2024-03-02T16:00:00Z
if you want me to assign you a gate please let me know and ill assign you one we will use every terminal and concourse at DXB |Concourse C | Concourse A | Concourse B | Concourse D|


  • We are not responsible for atc violations
  • We will communitcate via emails
  • We are going to listen to ATIS so I know what runway we will be using
  • We are going to copy my flight plan

we are not responsible for violations given from atc
we will depart 20 minutes after each other thanks if you want to come let me know by saying sign me up

Visit the Infinite Flight Emirates Channel I have here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChPdx5IX7O0papnhtWIfM-Q

No Videos yet but are coming soon this event will be the first video.

Gates at DXB Concouse A

Gate A02 EK390 @SWA1997 (DXB - LAX)
Gate A01 EK201 @AirbusFan35 (DXB - JFK) A380
Gate A03 EK203 @Olivia12 (DXB - JFK) A380
Gate A04
Gate A05
Gate A06
Gate A07
Gate A08
Gate A09
Gate A10
Gate D10
Gate D09
Gate D08
Gate D07
Gate D06
Gate D05
Gate D04
Gate D03
Gate D02
Gate D01

Gates at DXB Concourse B

Gate B14
Gate B15
Gate B16
Gate B17
Gate B18R
Gate B20
Gate B21L
Gate B21R
Gate B22
Gate B23
Gate B24
Gate B25
Gate B26R
Gate B27
Gate F27
Gate F26L
Gate F25
Gate F24
Gate F23
Gate F22
Gate F21
Gate F20
Gate F19
Gate F18
Gate F17

Gates at DXB Concouse C

Gate B01
Gate B02
Gate B03
Gate B04
Gate B05
Gate B06
Gate B07
Gate B08
Gate B09
Gate B10
Gate B11
Gate B12
Gate F02
Gate F03
Gate F04
Gate F05
Gate F06
Gate F07
Gate F08
Gate F09
Gate F10
Gate F11
Gate F12
Gate F13

Gates at DXB Concourse D

Gate C64
Gate C63
Gate C62
Gate C61
Gate C60
Gate C59
Gate C58
Gate C57
Gate C56
Gate C55
Gate C54
Gate C53
Gate C52
Gate C51
Gate C50
Gate C49

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Anyone wanting to join

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bump event

Put me down for EK390 with service to KLAX at Gate A02

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If it’s even out by then! 😭. Sounds like fun, but I’m unable to come.

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I think you’re missing a few things. Rules? ATC?

Grammar 😂 ? Guess that’s not really needed just me being a perfectionist…

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Make sure you use the create event tool and maybe add more then 2 gates


OK your signed up gate 2 A380?

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Bump Event

Any one Wanting to Join the Event? if so say sign me up

The Event will be closed on the 29th of Febuary 2024 get in while you can

@AirbusFan35 no need to bump the topic every 20 minutes.

Not many people know what they are doing 2+ weeks in advance.

Also February 30th doesn’t exist ;)


Do yous think we’ll have the new a380
For the event 🤔

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The event is at 4 am for me, feb 30th as mentioned doesn’t exist, and the a380 probably won’t be out by then.

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It possibly will

I cant join its at 4 AM 😭

I most likely will

Bump Event please guys we need more sign ups

Hey guys ive cangedf time to 6:59 PM for my time anyone wanting to join?

Possibly if we don’t or do want to still join?