Emirates A380 Fly-out to JFK

This Event will happen on the 24th of Febuary 2024 we will be meeting up with the Warsaw flyout if you want to join let me now by saying sign up and ill assign you a gate at dubai let me know your callsign and livery ill make Dedicated zones for liveries say sign up if you want to join thanks guys And itll be at 4:00pm Perth Western austrlian time and we will arrive 24 hours + later youll be given certificates after the event and flight have been completed i hope you enjoy this event.

Your idea is great, but I suggest you check out this post below to learn how to make your event posts more beautiful☺️


Thanks for posting! Be sure to use the Create Event function to include information such as the time during which the event is taking place.

You can find more information regarding this in the link @StarAviation provided above.

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