Emirates A380 falls on nose

Yesterday an A380 owned by Emirates was substantially damaged after the nose gear retracted on accident. Poor A380.

Emirates Airline Airbus A380 (A6-EOP) seriously damaged during a maintenance mishap - Aviation24.be



Oh, that’s not good

RIP nose and gear doors - that will take a while to fix

Those engineers are gonna get shouted at lol

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Yala yala😂😂

How would the pilots not recognise the gear is retracted? Or were the sensors not working?

It’s not the nose gear that retracted accidentally. The aircraft did fall of the jacks during maintenance as written in the second sentence of the source you provided.

That’s how it looks like when it’s installed. They do that to test the gear.

Image Source: Twitter, @a380fanclub


Oof thats not good

Poor A380, that could take a while to fix

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