Emirates A380 Economy Review

Hey - I recently went on an Emirates A380.

Route: Auckland International Airport (NZAA) (AKL) to Sydney Kingsford Smith International Airport (YSSY) (SYD)

Aircraft: Airbus A380-861 Reg. A6-EET

Airline: Emirates

Class: Economy

Seat: 49D

Here’s our exact plane:


The food was actually really nice. It was high quality and there is a high selection of what you can choose from. Also there was a high quantity of the food you were served. The drinks were really nice, not too much of a selection like Ive experienced on other airlines but it was good.

Cabin Crew

They were really nice - you could ask for something and they would happily do that for you. There were a few flight attendant on board so you could always get at least one of there attention.
Well way to go emirates - the nicest Cabin Crew Ive had. :)


The interior of the A380 was really nicely lit up with the mood lighting - sadly it only stayed one colour (I know it’s ‘color’ for you Americans). Orange. Unlike Ive experienced on the Dreamliner. The Dreamliner colour would always changed depending on what is happening.

You had a really nice wide space to roam around in and enjoy. And the crazy/weird part is that their was basically 0 noise - I though we would have to abort takeoff when we were 1/3 down the runway cause it was so quiet - then we lifted up and thought we wouldn’t have enough climb thrust 😬😂 I guess Ive never experienced such a quiet plane. Or maybe it was just because I was really close to the front 🤷‍♂️.


The seat - even though I was in economy had really wide legroom - it felt like we were in business even though we were in economy. The seats had a really good universal power outlet to suit basically any wall plug:

In-Flight Entertainment

First off - THE SCREENS WERE BLOODY HUGE!!! (for economy).
It had sooooooooooooooo many different channels - over like 25,000 - crazy. Well the channel I watched was:

(The different camera angles)
Here is every aviation lovers dream on a plane;

You got to see everything the plane was going through - live. The vertical speed and all. It was REAAAAAAALY awesome. Very interesting to watch on landing. And here’s another cool one: Cockpit view:

(I may post some other videos later) when they get it uploaded to YouTube


The flight attendants were so nice that they let us go into the cockpit. It was really cool since it was my first time, I got to meet the captain and copilot and more. Before I ramble on too more here are some photos:

(I have a lot more just couldn’t upload them all)

The captain explained a lot of things and asked me what ‘this switch’ does. (I answered all correctly 😁) The captain also explained the most fun you’ll get in the cockpit of the plane is moving the seat - up,down,forward,back,left,right. He was right it was quite fun - although my brother couldn’t see through the cockpit window I could - I guess I’m fit enough to be an A380 pilot already 😁.

And (the captain told me) the most important switch on the aircraft was… The tea/Coffee switch - other wise you are lonely and the flight attendants don’t come in 😁


Almost forgot - my spotting pictures at the terminal:

Managed to capture an A350 at Auckland’s terminal - first one Ive seen IRL - it’s in the background (Cathay Pacific)

The Cockpit of an Air New Zealand 777-200
Air New Zealand A320 and an Air New Zealand 777-200
Next up is an ANA 787-9 Dreamliner
The nose of my Airbus A380 - Emirates
A Singapore Airlines 777-300ER
My Emirates A380 again
Air New Zealand A320
Err - I think I just posted the same picture 😄
An ANA 787-9 Dreamliner Loading up for its flight
Air New Zealand A320 getting loaded up with passengers
Qatar 777-200LR waiting at the gate
A few ground vehicles and the tail of the Qatar 777-200LR along with a Qantas Boeing 737


So overall a really nice flight, landing was smooth - not much turbulence - Sydney was a bit cloudy/rainy - 3/4 along the trip the plane climbed to 40,000 from 38,000 - a few passengers looked nervous, but in under 3 seconds i knew that we were avoiding some bad weather - or possibly another plane 🤔. We were put into a really short almost hold.

The whole flight was the best experience I’ve had on a plane. I definitely reccommend Emirates. Feel free to ask any questions


This is an excellent review, and very helpful as I will be travelling on-board an a380-800 of emirates but not on this route :).
The photos that you captured clearly describes the description you have given us! gr8 job once again…

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Thank you for the good feedback - I appreciate it! Tell me what you think on your trip!


Really nice review - I’ve also had great experiences with EK

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Thankyou! I really appreciate it :)


You know, rarely see the Economy of Emirates. You only usually see the 15,000 dollar seats with showers up in first class. Very decent leg room, however the chairs could look nice.

Nice review


Yeah - in ads I always see like first class and business


I think the Qatar plane in last photo is 777-200LR not 777-300ER cool photos especially cockpit photos nice pilot/flight attendant to let you :) got to go in airbus a320 cockpit once nothing like this the A380 cockpit is so much cooler :)


Thanks - it was a great experience


Why emirates doesnt care about their 777 as their a380? I feel riding a bus is better!

When i flew emirates to Colombo i asked to visit the cockpit the crew were pissed off at me. I am jealous that you visited the cockpit :D

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Looks like you had the time of your life getting to sit on Co-pilots seat. Haha.


Air Meow Zealand 😂
Great photos! It’s so awesome you have those interactive camera views and you can use them any time of the flight!


Nice Wombat, good stuff getting on the A380 for such a short flight. Hope ya had a brilliant flight


Oh wow I only just realised that how bad of me 😂
Emirates flies A380s everywhere!

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Wow, all of those live camera angles on the digital screen that you have shown us all on your original post above look simply amazing to me personally!


You’re making me jealous with your review ^^
All these pictures and then you’re allowed to visit the cockpit… That’s like a dream for me.

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That’s a nice inflight entertainment system for economy!

The Copilot looks awfully young!


I’ve flown Emirates first time last winter break and I flew the new FLL-DXB(-AMD). I flew economy class and business class, and I was wowed. Qatar and Emirates have the best economy, wider and much more comfortable than economy comforts on domestic airlines. I thought the business class on the way back would be uncomfortable because of the 2-3-2 layout on the 777. But it was so spacious and using lie-flat on a 16hr flight is amazing. I would recommend Emirates for every class, the electronic ban indirectly towards it by the U.S doesn’t affect me.

Thought i would give a review too :)

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Have had a very Nice experience with them to and Also visited the cookpitimage


What a great review! This is what I love about the community. Everyone is really enthusiastic and most people create excellent topics, tutorials and great reviews. I flew on Emirates for the first time last year and I was really excited to. However, I personally found no wow factor, In economy at least. The only two things I like about Emirates is the use of A380s (very spacious and comfortable aircraft) and that they don’t bother you as much unlike other airlines. Would I fly Emirates again? Yes definitly.