EMIRATES A380 BEAUTIFUL! What do you think?

What’s up guys it’s David here!
Whenever I go to the airport to travel I always try visiting the emirates terminal and it always surprises me. It’s such a nice and huge plane! What do you guys think about it?

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It is one of my favourite airplanes and Emirates is my favourite airline! I love the combination!

Yes! Out of all the A380’s I believe emirates is the winner. I also want to check out Singapore airlines, it looks pretty cool.

Agree that the Emirates livery looks great on all their aircraft. Looks modern and smart on the A380 and B777 Fleet

Emirates livery is simple but beautiful. Can’t wait to see the 787-10 in their colors.

I’ve flown on an Emirates and Singapore airlines A380! 😊 Jealous?

I’ve flown on the emirates A380 hows Singapore though?

It was good. Flew economy from Singapore to London in 2014.

If I go on Singapore I’m gonna try to get the suites. They look gorgeous.

I fly on them a fair bit, from Sydney to Auckland and vice versa

Their very spacious

They’ve canceled that route now. Actually all trans Tasman 380 apart from Christurch - Sydney are cancelled.

It is a beautiful plane. Amazing the technology required to get that gaint piece of metal in the air.

Aviation is one of the most technologically devloped industry’s its amazing how high tech and designed these planes are.

What? Really? For good or just temporarily?

Forever sorry wombat.

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