Emirates A380-800 landing

Recent landing of the beautiful Airbus A380-800 descending on final into Dubai (DXB).

(OTHH) Hamad - (DBX) Dubai

Nothing more fullfilling than seeing this beautiful aircraft on decent, especially at Dusk!


Nice I haven to be struggleing for the first time I played seen that I I getting better with my landing with my aircraft a321 but good job

Thank you! Landing the A380 can be difficult at times due to it not having the capability for an Automated Approach but once you get the hang of it you’re flying! (Pun intended…)

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True but hopefully with the update it’ll be able to autoland

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Cool pic, and welcome to our great community of Infinite Flight! Here’s to the years to come! Looking forward to seeing more posts and pics from you - especially after they update the A380!

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Thanks a lot :) Been playing IF for a good while but just recently found the community forum and couldn’t help but join. Similar minded aviation enthusiasts… it was a must 😅.

Happy flying!

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