Emirates A380-800 EXPO 2020 logo

#EXPO 2020 Logo on the side of the A380?

I guess this is a form of livery request.

All emirates A380s now have the EXPO 2020 logo on the side of the aircraft, close to the doors at the front.

Do we think it would be awesome to see the EXPO logo added to the A380s on IF? Would it add an extra sense of realism?

Photo curiosity of World Airline News


This is a brilliant idea. It will be here to stay at least until 2020 so why not add it!


Would love to see this !


I support all features requests concerning Emirates

If they’re not stupid ;-)


Yeah more realism = more players = more money for FDS

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I’d love this!

Do you really think new players would come for this feature :) but it would be a nice touch when the a380 gets reworked as long as that is before 2020 :D

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Rather minor to me. Would be nice but we can live without it.


I don’t think this is high on the priority list, as it is not a major livery change.

This would be really cool to have.

Firstly, we need interior work for the A380! It’s a disgrace to the whole plane! Once we at least get a moving throttle, we can think about liveries.