Emirates A350-900

Emirates A350-900

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About Emirates

Emirates owns a fleet of more than 250 aircraft, most of them being either the A380 (with 14 more to come) or the 777 Family . Emirates also has 777X’s and 787’s on order. Earlier on today Emirates ordered 30 AirBus A350-900 aircraft and 40 AirBus A330-900neo aircraft. This is truly an amazing announcement made by the airline in my opinion.

As the A350 Family is a possibility on the horizon for Infinite Flight (no confirmations yet), I feel that the Emirates Livery on this already astounding aircraft would be an absolutely great addition to Infinite Flight. What do you think?

Thank you for reading this Feature request of mine, if you do feel the same way as I do about this Livery, please vote! Thanks again!


I did, but I got my own feature requests to vote for, so I removed my vote for it. Besides it already has 1174 votes, don’t think it will go unnoticed lol, and I’m sure @George won’t mind 😆


What’s the point of having this if they’ll have deliveries starting in the year 2024?
I highly doubt we won’t have the A350 by then.


It’s for the future, this can be seen by people way down the line of time. And remember, we had the Qantas 787 added to Infinite Flight in August 2016, that’s 2 years before the Qantas 787 was even painted IRL


Well, 2 years is otherwise going to be multiplied by two making 4 but we cant add another 2 so we will add 1/2 and that will mean that you could fit in 2 787 liveries and half of a finished livery. Imo, not worth it for 4 and a half years.

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Agreed! Considering they just announced they would be ordering the A350, I will hope this livery will be included with the A350!

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It’s the same with the Delta 787. They were to order it, they made the livery in the game, but the order got cancelled and now we have a delta 787 in the game, not an A350.

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Would be wonderful to fly that beautiful plane for such an amazing airline!


Would definitely be an amazing addition to IF. Can’t wait to fly this in the coming months 🤤


We definitely need this livery! That would be a wonderful addition for the future of our VA!


Its already confirmed. Why would anyone vote for it?

Someone hasnt been paying attention…;)

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Where has it been confirmed? We haven’t had any livery’s confirmed for the A350

I was refering to @Echu s comment

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Fly Emirates Virtual would benefit greatly from the addition of this livery!

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I hope this livery is leaving the plane

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50 orders at the Dubai Airshow! All the more reason the livery should be in the game.


The first delivery is due in 2023 so by that time Emirates May have cancelled the order

Possibility in the future, plus infinite flight people who work on putting on liveries on planes id be hard to make the livery accurate.

Like the Delta B787