Emirates A330-200

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First of all, I know there was already a topic but it has 1 vote, no info and it is 4 years old, so here is a better one.

I am requesting the Emirates livery on the A330-200

The A330-200 is the shorter version of the A330 family made by airbus. It is a medium to long haul 2 engine airliner and the Emirates livery is stunning on it!

More about the A330-200

Emirates is an airline based in Dubai and they have recently ordered A330 NEOs but since we do not have the A330-200 Emirates livery in IF, here is the feature request!

Please vote!

Credit on image

Thank You!

Nice. I’d rather see an Emirates A300 though tbh.


I agree but I can’t make a topic…

The Emirates A330 is long gone from the fleet.

But it was there…
It makes me sad to think they retired it… such a nice aircraft!

beautiful livery!

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Idk if it’s me but Emirates livery just doesn’t fit the A330 in my opinion it looks odd. However it would be a nice addition


Maybe if the A330-900neo was a thing… but not yet (honestly a bit too similar to the A350 looks-wise to need a whole new aircraft. The whole point of NEO is for more fuel efficiency… which isn’t really an issue in Infinite Flight).

The A330-200 has been out of service with Emirates since the early 2000s.

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I could agree. It will be a nice livery for fly for the A330, but why not bring the A300 to Infinite Flight first.

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I flew on this aircraft back in 2009 from Hyderabad to Dubai!

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I know it’s not the A330 but the same type rated aircraft the A340 Emirates used to fly into NZCH when I was a young one

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You got my vote! Love the a330 in this livery. Got to fly one of there a340-500 a long time ago!

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Giving this topic a bump. I’d like to see this added one day!

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