Emirates 77W: Luxury at its Finest

Hey everyone hope you all are doing great! 🤘

I took the opportunity today to head to OMDB, today’s featured airport, from WSSS and boy, was it packed, packed so full that it took 10 mins to cross a runway and was the first time my device had ever lagged… Because it was so busy I just want to take a second to thank: @ZinZowe, @alberto_lopez, @Pilot_David19 and @Edoardo_C for the smooth service in with minimal go arounds and hardly no waits at the runway! Fantastic job! Anyway now to the photos, I spent a long, long time on these today to get them as good as possible so please do give a like and some feedback!

Server: Expert Server
Aircraft: B777-300ER
Flight Time: 7hr’s 10 mins (mostly on George)
Note: This was taken in Phase 2 Beta!

So without further ado allow me to present Luxury at its Finest…

(1) #GateLove

(2) Look at them Engine!


(3) Over Dubai…


(4) Over the Piano Keys…

(5) 50, 40, 30, 20, 10…

(6) Moooooooooooooooon!

(7) Holding Short…

(8) N121WS Cross Runway 30L!

(9) Tail Times…

(BONUS) AF 77W, cause why not :)

Thank you very much for taking the time to look at my photos, means a lot! Special thanks to @Suhas for the constant tips, really appreciate it! However I gotta know…


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Have a super day and enjoy the release of 20.2!

Peace ✌️

Oh and also my last post: 4000 Landings - Thank You Community is so so so close to a becoming a great topic so please please like it. Thanks.


Okay nice picture but why why would you land on runway 30R :(

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Yeah Dubai really was busy. Amazing pictures. Especially the one with the Emirates tails

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Incredible shots! That moon shot was over the top amazing!

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Thanks very much for the kind words :) Wasn’t my choice which runway I could have, all up to approach 😉 I originally filed for 30L though 👍

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The runway cross picture is absolutely stunning! Really nice photos :)

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Yes very very busy… Huge shoutout to all controllers who controlled it was hectic and thanks for the kind words!

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Thanks for flying in! Amazing traffic today but also stressful :)

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Thank you, all thanks to Deer’s fantastic tutorial what can I say, I learn from the best 😉

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Thank you, first time trying out blur today on one of my photos, gotta say when its used right its a charm! My favourite today as well!

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Holy moly. Imagine having 5 planes requesting pushback, 5 more requesting taxi, 3 exiting runway and being progressive taxied, and 7 more not knowing what progressive taxi means.

Anyways, I don’t think I saw you but thanks for visiting!
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Yes definitely! Thanks for clearing me nice and smoothly in, you did a fantastic job with all the runway crossing, inbound traffic and there was hardly any queue at the runway! Bravo!

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😬 its the dream what can I say… You logged on just as I landed so no wonder you didn’t see me! Thank you very much for the service bud you did fantastic! Blue skies and tailwinds! ✌️

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Amazing work on these pictures, @Captain_Cign!

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Thank you so much for the kind words Shane, put a lot of effort into these ones! Also congrats on 20,000 ops, huge milestone, thanks for all you do ✌️

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I received my second good topic (25 likes) today and want to thank you all for taking the time to look at my photos ✌️ Appreciate it!