Emirates 77W - Battling the Headwinds


Aircraft: 777-300ER
Livery: Emirates
Flight Time: 10hr 49mn
Server: Expert

Quick summary

Departure out of Tokyo was pretty smooth with excellent ATC from the team. After reaching cruising altitude, I hit strong headwinds, setting me back a little. Managed to make up some time during the final third of the flight luckily. Arrival into Dubai was pretty good. Encountered more traffic than I usually see at Dubai which was a pleasant surprise.

The Pics

  1. Taxiing to Runway 34R

2) Departure via RITL2A

3) Looking out over the South/North Korea border

4) Desert views over southern Afghanistan

5) Descending over the Iranian coast

6) Touchdown on runway 12R

7) Switching off

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Nice to see people flying out of RJTT haha (totally not ANVA bias 😉). love the shots! Did you get any fighter jets near North Korea hehe?

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Love the shots! Surprising you flew over North Korea and Afghanistan🥵

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Great pictures, also I think the flight was well!

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Hahah, we’ll I saw that emirates are flying from here in the summer so I guess it does exist (in the future hehe)

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how do you manage to have a photo quality like that! very beautiful pictures

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I didn’t really think about this hahah

Graphics settings HIGH

It prob is a seasonal thing who knows 😜.

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