Emirates 77W 3H Flight

After a while without posting a #screenshots-and-videos topic from myself I would like to share my flight from OMDB (Dubai) to New Delhi

This was on Training Server on a 77W that operates OMDB-VIDP as EK510 making the flight time of 3H:10MN

Parked At OMDB, with @DanyyRude in a A380 Singapore 🇸🇬 (not shown) scheduled to “No flight Plan Filled” Memorial Airport (it’s not actually called memorial airport, he just had no flight plan(@DanyyRude) please message me if you felt offended.

Pushback approved


< Cruise over the Gulf Of Oman 🇴🇲

Final At New Delhi

Soft Landing



Nice pictures here :)

Thanks mate

Is this supposed to say VIDP?


This just made me 😂😂😂

But otherwise…great screenshots!

Nice pictures mate!

Yes sorry

Thanks 😊 I loved my landing

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Anytime mate!

Absolutely love the photo of the aircraft at cruise

that was a very greased landing

Yes it was!

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It was nice and textured the whole way

Nice photos, thanks for not starting a debate of butter or grease.

“Dont quote the Magic witche” “I was there when it happened” Thank you for featuring me I realy appreciate it.

No I am not offended I was doing OMDB-VHHH but then noticed IM A SINGAPORE A380 Had to be am Emirates A380 I ended the flight I’m about 10 min

keep this shots aside to do some comparasions with the 77W update when able

Ok I will. Great idea

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Very nice pictures!!

Thanks 🙏

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