Emirates 777 Frankfurt to Dubai

Aircraft - 777-300ER
Time - 7hr20min
Callsign - Emirates 667
Server - Expert
Getting 40kt gust of wind right on approach. Should I have went around or did I save it? I’ll provide the replay but don’t know how… can someone show me how to do it?


I belive you can share the replay of the landing from the IF app to the IFC. These are great pictures!

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It won’t give me the option tho. I’ve also tried to save the replay to my files but it’s says it’s not supported.

I mean you can try and screen record i guess and then insert the film. I guess you could try that

I’ve already tried that too😭😭 I don’t know what to do lmao. I’ve seen someone put their replay in like how💀

Maybe post it on youtube if you can. you can link Youtube videos and i know that.

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I’ll try that

I think this was the day Dubai had like the worst rain in like 75 years or smh and it was super windy it was on the news it is a shame if does not have rain

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