Emirates 777 Down in Dubai!

Alive! 300 passengers - including 24 Brits - escape when their Emirates jet crash-lands at Dubai airport after catching fire in the air and EXPLODING on landing
The Boeing 777 jet crash landed at Dubai International Airport following a flight from Trivandrum Airport in India
Dramatic footage shows Emirates passenger jet exploding into a fireball on the runway after emergency landing
Airline says there were no fatalities in the crash and that all 282 passengers and 18 crew were evacuated safely
Terrified passengers ‘told by pilot moments before landing that there was a problem with the landing gear’
There were 24 Britons, six Americans, two Australians and four Irish among those on board flight EK521
All flights to the Dubai terminal have since been diverted while all take-offs and landings have been suspended. (Daily Mail)


someone already started the topic…

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It’s sounds like you got this information from daily mail

Ohh my God am using this exact aircraft on Tuesday
God help us

No, you probably won’t as the aircraft is pretty much written off…

@Chatta290 Max Sez… Yes it’s from the Daily Mail a reliable source. Note attribution in (.) pls, ID’ing a source for attribution is always required @CopaAirlines.

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You’ll be fine

It’s because I always read the daily mail and the including the information about the Brits so I knew it was from their


Ok, anyway I’m glad that there were not casualties.

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