Emirates 777 Crash landing in Dubai

#Tomorrow I’m flying to Dubai with Emirates. If we land in DXB I’m gonna to take pictures for you guys. I’m gonna to give you more informations if I have. Thanks


This year is a bad year for Arabs
4 Emergency Landings for RJ, Every month a training Plane crashes in Jordan, FlyDubai in Russia, Egypt Air in Alexandria and Now Emirates.,
What in the world? My mind is blown…


All planes will be Diverted to Maktoom…

Any official information now, DXB have 2 runways

There was also a Qatar 787 engine failure where they had to divert to somewhere in Eastern Europe.

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Please don’t spew BS. Landing gear malfunction isn’t pilot error.

IMO, this isn’t a huge deal other than being a bit dangerous and expensive. A normal landing is a controlled crash onto wheels. This is just a different type of controlled crash.


@Sam1, what are you qualifications as an Air Crash Investigator? At present we don’t know all the details, however still waiting for confirmation that all crew and passengers are safe, so respectfully suggest we don’t speculate on what could or could not have happened.


Omg, I was talking about how good Emirates is earlier this Morning and this Thing came to happen ;-;

Wish everyone could Evacuate the plane safely :(
It’s sad to see another horrible incidents again. And won’t ruin Emirates Growth

Here’s the report on avherald http://avherald.com/h?article=49c12302&opt=1

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Please do not make assumptions… Leave it to the official investigators


All passengers reported to be OK. People saw the landing gear collapse on touchdown. Fire happened after that eventually causing an explosion ripping a wing off after everyone was evacuated.

Video showing explosion:

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Why on earth do you already have to do speculations if not even information from the airline itself has been published. A landing is one of the most, if not the most oftenly trained procedure of a flight and is pure, pure routine.
If they say it landed without landing gear, how in the world should that be a pilot error? Those are trained pilots, commercial pilots do not forget to lower the landing gear.

And this just confirmed it can’t be a pilot error. That’s impossible.
You can make speculations here, but please, please use common sense and wait until further information that maybe confirm your speculations has been officially published.


That looks horrible! From the photos i don’t know if the pilots had the problem under control! But i assume they had it under control! Im gonna keep them in my prays! This is such a sad situation!

Thank god there are no fatalities!

Glad that everyone are alright like @AR_AR previously said.

The photo also contains some infos about the flight. Dubai International Airport remains closed for takeoffs and landings based on FR24


great news that all POB confirmed safe.

This Vid shows the aircraft coming to a rest, not the clearest as seen from a distance.


I hope everybody is okay 😱😰😨

Keep an eye on this site, along with Avherald:

Pprune: http://www.pprune.org/rumours-news/582445-emirates-b777-gear-collapse-dxb.html

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Everyones ok!


That’s the most important !