Emirates 777-300er Madrid to Dubai

4th Flight of Virtual Trip
Emirates (EK144)
Spain - United Arab Emirates (UAE)
Plane: Boeing 777-300er
Date: December 30th 2021, December 31st 2021 (12/30/21,12/31/21)
Call sign: Emirates 144
Route: Madrid Barajas Airport to Dubai International Airport (LEMD - OMDB)
Flight time: (6 hours and 29 minutes)
Scheduled Departure: 9:40 PM
Actual Departure: 10:05 PM
Scheduled Arrival: 7:45 AM
Actual Arrival: 7:33 AM
Note: Sorry everybody for the late post. I have been busy lately! Happy 2022 everybody!

Welcome to this Virtual Tripreport! This is our 4th flight! So far we have flown from Manchester - Funchal - Lisbon - Madrid. Today we are flying in business class on Emirates 777-300er to Dubai. Tonight’s flight will be a red eye and will be around 6 1/2 hours.

This is our seat for this 6 1/2 hour flight. It is in business class, so I expect a very nice flight with great service. There are so many various amenities just in my seat itself. I received a pre departure drink just around 15 minutes before pushback.

Rotation from Madrid
As we rotated, I could hear the GE-90s working very hard.

Cruising at 39,000 feet
After we reached cruising altitude, I received a full course meal. It was very tasty and it was of high quality. After I finished eating, I got ready to go to sleep.

Cruising over southern Greece
At this point I was fast asleep. It was very early morning at that time (around 2 or 3am).

Decent into Dubai
About an hour before decent, I got woken up for breakfast. Breakfast was very good and it satisfied me. In the picture, you can see our plane over the Persian Gulf and Southern Iran on the horizon.

Final Approach into Dubai
In this photo we are on Final into Dubai on runway 12 L. It was a very smooth approach.

We finally landed in Dubai! It was a smooth landing and the weather was perfect. It was 66 Degrees F or 19 Degrees C.

Parked at Dubai
We finally arrived at the gate in Dubai. Our plane is the 777-300er in the middle of both planes. The 777 in the front had just arrived from Dakar, Senegal. The A380 in the back was getting ready to depart to Toronto, Canada.

Thank you for reading this Virtual Tripreport!
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I can’t really see the first couple

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Last picture is beautiful!

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Sorry, I tried my best to brighten the photos but the edited photos would not upload.

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Thank you! It surely is beautiful.

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