Emirates 777-300ER in 1,000th 777 Livery

I would love to see emirates 777-300ER in the 1000th 777 livery.
Who else?


Might be better moved to features? @Swang007

Done that. Made the title more descriptive too.

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There is a huge middle eastern and indian community in nearby vancouver who regularly fly this route.

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They feed traffic into the route using Alaska Airlines

I was more surprised by the three daily flights to Birmingham, all three flown by their 77Ws.

You guys are requesting for features, not Emirates itself. Please keep on-topic! Thanks!

BHX? I went spotting there once saw the 77W, it was in the World Cup livery.

I’d actually like that livery :D But there are some great liveries missing too, like the Turkish airlines one or the upcoming Swiss Int. Air Lines livery ;)

Really like this livery!

Please add this with the 777 rework!

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Yes!😍😍😍 I am from Dubai and I live in Venice! Emirates use this aircraft to VCE then is a must have😂😂

Yes! I have a model of this aircraft.

I live next to Birmingham airport ; now we have the A380 as a daily service here along with 2 77W

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We need this livery!

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Looks nice!

The -300Er is apparently in testing right now, maybe this livery would be added including the expo 2020 liveries

Wheres your source to say its ‘apparently in testing’ please back up statements. Thanks

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That’s why I say (apparently)

Man the -300Er is going to be way faster to finish it’s not imposible that they could start testing it, I’m not speculating or anything.