Emirates 777-300ER Expo 2020 Livery's

Hi guys! Id like to request this beautiful livery on the upcoming 777-300ER! Im a huge supporter of special livery’s and I think this one would bring some color to the game! The picture below has all three available colors, they are they exact same besides color, but only one would have to be added. Another request was made on this Jan 18’. It is outdated, I cant seem to do it, was wondering if someone could flag it to be closed? Thanks! Enjoy the livery!

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Thanks! Was just about to add the link! @Altaria55

I think he means that this is a duplicate, and you should vote there.

Its a 2 years and a half old with 7 votes, thought maybe it would be better to just have a new one @Thunderbolt

It may be 2 years old, but it was last active 14 days ago. We look at a topic’s last activity date when it comes to feature requests. 🙂