Emirates 747-400F taking off at Schipol, Netherlands (NOT Photoshopped)



Wow! Nice shot. Is it yours?


No, found on https://www.flickr.com/photos/yesper/page3

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I’ve been fooled… :/


XD LOL you’re not the only one

I found that pic so not sure if it has been doctored. If it is then its some very good high end photoshopping to get the 747 behind that tree

I’ve noticed that Kyle_Gabriel_Pelegri has edited my post to ‘(photoshop)’. Are you sure this picture has been doctored?

As have I.

Courtesy of ‘Yesper’ on Flickr

Its not fake, emirates had/ have B744F as a cargo

Most people are convinced its fake (photoshopped) although their reasons sound like opinions rather than facts. I’m not sure but have contacted the originator to find out. If it is fake, then whomever photoshopped it is a highly talented professional retoucher. Placing a 747 behind a tree is not easy to pull off. That is a fact!

It is Fake

So I see you have circled the photos but I don’t understand why you are indicating it is a fake there?

There is no people in the other one

So are you saying that someone has taken a picture of a 747 and a separate picture of the road and montaged the images?

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The people on the left side of the road? Isn’t that because the first photo is cropped so they are cut out though?

EDIT: like this, I just took the photo at the start of the thread and cropped it down - note fewer trees shown on the left - seems to be what that first photo is


Do you have any idea how difficult that is to achieve? I’m not saying its impossible. But it is very VERY hard to pull off which is why I’m unsure whether it is a montage or not. I’m specifically talking about the trees, lamp posts and road signs in the fore front. These are difficult to cut out using channels as there is little or no contrast and clipping paths would take forever to do.

It looks like a separate crop to me.