Emirates 323: Seoul-Incheon (RKSI) to Dubai-International (OMDB)

Hi everyone!

I flew my first long-haul flight from Seoul-Incheon to Dubai-International in an Emirates A380.

I took some pictures, although forgive me if it doesn’t seem clear (don’t know why my screenshots make it looks a bit like low rendered pictures, although I took them on best graphic settings as possible).

There was a slight problem with my autopilot, which is why my flight time increased to around 10:53.

Callsign: Emirates 323
Departure (Takeoff): Seoul-Incheon (1:45 P.M. local time)
Arrival (Landing): Dubai-International (7:25 P.M. local time)
Server: Casual
Flight Time: 10:53

Enough talk… Now for the pictures:

Taxiing at Seoul-Incheon:

Takeoff on Runway 34:

Crusing Altitude to FL360:

Passing by China:

Skipping ahead to final:

And… Touchdown!

Which picture did you like best?

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Noice pics mate,
Pic 3 wuz meh fave!


Thank you!

Hello! Pic 5 cannot have the aircraft box in it.

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Sorry about that. Fixed it.

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