“Emirates - 2023” A380 tail lobby error

As you see, the tail in the lobby for “Emirates - 2023” is not the tail it is in game. This is just minor but a error or bug.

Thank you!

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Hey there!

The issue you’re describing is related to the aircraft thumbnails - the 2023 livery’s thumbnail is actually the old Emirates A380 model’s thumbnail. See the reply linked below for more info.

Note that reinstalling your app will delete all replays on your device, and your Infinite Flight app settings will be set to their defaults, so if it bothers you enough that you wish to go down that path, make sure to back up any replays you may want to keep, and screenshot your app’s settings for a quick start. If you’d like my two cents, I’d say this issue is something one can live with - the correct aircraft & livery combination loads, and that’s what really matters.


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