2 days ago during the New Zealand fly-out I was flying from Dubai to Auckland.
approach on Auckland told me to do left turns so I kept doing left turns when I heard a pilot declare an emergency
“emergency landing low fuel 11 minutes left”

My question is how did he declare an emergency.
I even checked to see maybe they added it but I didn’t see anything that said emergency.

Hope you guys help me HUGE LOVE TO ALL OF YOU!


it appears just when you have 5% fuel left in your tanks, I think it might depend on the airplane and on your weight as well, but yeah that’s pretty much it, it does not appear always

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Yeah it appears at 5% but you must be flying for over an hour


I was in said holding pattern for a few minutes and when I got out of it thats when I heard this message, you can declare emergency but your fuel level has to be 5% or under and you have to be flying over an hour

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I was flying for 16 hrs but thank you I understand now!

Strange i will do research

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Was it a Etihad A330-200F
If it is
It was me 🙂, my was a cargo flight and we was heavy on that day . I only kept just 40 minutes extra fuel but approach to Auckland was busy as hell . I was kept on circling maybe for 25 min I think. For god’s grace I only requested emergency on final approach to runway and they gave me priorities .
This was my first emergency case
Mine case was minimum fuel 28 min

But successfully landed ,I didn’t have a option to go around because that would burn my fuel and I would end up somewhere in the land . So had bit tension while on approach setting flaps and speed precisely so I don’t have to have a go around


im saying he declared an emergency because he was flying for an hour and had less than 5% fuel not you

wow glad you landed hopefully infinite flight can add more kinds of emergencies

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Yea ,but there’s a chance for misusing it . User would create scenarios a lot . Think of 10 users declaring engine fire emergency at a busy approach. It’s a scenario which doesn’t occur in daily life maybe


yes good point but i mean only at exspert sever is when you get it

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Contrary to popular belief, the majority of expert server pilots are just as bad as training server pilots.


This is more true than most people realize. I’ve had more people cut me off on final on expert w/out ATC presence than on training.


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