I overslept and have NO fuel remaining. I came from Perth and I’m about 120 miles west of Heathrow. I turned around and I’m heading back but I’m probably not going to make it. I’m thinking of landing in Birmingham and refueling and then going to Heathrow. Once I contact approach and tower, how do I report an emergency? Also, can someone refuel me or help me?😨


What plane

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Qantas 789

What server?

Expert server

Sadly you can not be refueled unless you land and once you contact heathrow then you can report low fuel if you have low fuel

Alrighty. I’m going to try and glide down to EGVN. Wish me luck! I’ve never done this before.


I may have to switch to EGVA 😓

Erm I advise picking the nearest airport with 15nm pick 4 if possible and navigate down with as much speed behind you as possible

if your engines have already lost power…I wish you the very best of luck

God speed sir


that happened to me on Monday i had 7 minutes of fuel remaining

I DID IT!! I’m literally shaking. There was an airport in front of me and I nose dived, put my gear down at 4000 feet, turned on final like in Kai tak, used my brakes and used up every inch of the runway! The runway was 4000 feet long!!! I am now safely on the taxiway refueling!!🤗🤗


Only bad thing is I now have to take off on a 4000 foot runway😬

Refueling on a taxiway?


EDIT - You landed while I was writing this :)

Right, I have been trained in this situation in real life.

Firstly, understand your A/C type and look for airports that will provide a long runway, easy turn off points so you can do a high speed exit onto the taxiway. I recommend EGBB, EGKK. Stay clear of ATC.

Next, check your speed constantly. Do NOT deploy speedbrakes or Flaps. This will increase drag and slow your plane down. You will stall as you will have NO thrust control.

Remember P.A.T.

  • P - Pitch
  • A - Attitude
  • T - Trim

Keep your aircraft at 0vs unless you are able to descend.

When on final, stay HIGH up then usual. This is to avoid sink rate. Only deploy your flaps from 0 to Full when you are on short final. Also, deploy your gear around 4nm out to the runway. If you stay high up on final, you will be able to disconnect AP and hand fly your aircraft, maintaining a steep negative descent. This will naturally increase your airspeed.

Good luck!


Legal Information

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Don’t judge, man. This was a dire situation. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Umm I already landed


I remember seeing you flying at FL360 over EGLL. Glad it went alright.


Congrats mate! Awesome.

Ok ladies and gents my engines are started again, and I am taxiing to the runway!!

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Yup I was asleep lol. I woke up, looked at my clock, got scared, looked at my iPad and saw that I had LITERALLY 25 seconds of fuel remaining.😂