Firstly, let’s start with belly landings.
Just in case your throttle is down, can’t control airspeed. We can belly land… Gain speed by descending sharply and lifting it up again after it gains speed, because gears when down and flaps when up usually loses speed (correct me if I’m wrong) and because of these, we have to land without gears and flaps. Just don’t land in a place that has huge mountains and crash into it…

P.S. I also need more help with this, because I would like to try out mayday scenarios

If you are interested in trying new scenarios you can try a flapless, gearless and no spoiler landing.
Did this in the A340 (VA Liv)

From FL300, travelling at 300knots, work your way either to the ground or a runway without using ANY spoilers, flaps and gear. Rudder can be used but you most likley wont need it. Its not as hard as it sounds, if you want a hard verson of this, have your throttle on 0%, that being said its not too hard either.

I’d been practicing all these techniques on Solo mode for a year and a bit. Just the other day I landed with no gear in Hawaii on the Advanced server, ATC said “Exit Runway When Able” which was a bit hard considering the plane was lying on its belly on the runway :smiley:

Anyway its really all about trying different scenarios yourself, the belly landing are easy so try some of these ones. Just for fun of course. I know this was a bit of topic but hope it helps.


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Me thinks you experimenters need to read up on the Theory of Flight and the Pilots Operating Handbook (POH) Emergency Procedures segment for the craft your flying. If your gonna do it, do it right on Free Flight. Just Sayin, Mad Max Sends

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Me thinking the QRH is also a good idea

@Clementi_Airman Good catch! Regards, Max