Emergency while Flying?

Today I had the wonderful opportunity to fly on Christmas Eve with my buddy to do some more instrument work. We flew a cross country up to Jonesboro, Arkansas (KJBR) to shoot the ILS 23 with an ARC w/ a hold and then do the VOR Approach to 23 with holds. Since it’s ancorss country and it was VFR, we opted to get fligh following to and from JBR. On the way back, while talking to Memphis Center, we heard a Republic E170/175 operating as RPA (Brickyard) 3490 from KDTW-KIAH had to declare an emergency due to a pressurization issue. They had 76 pax on board and 8,000+ pounds on fuel onboard. They did request the trucks to roll just to be safe and eventually landed on KLITs 22R safe and sound…

Down below are some pics of the flight and my horrible effort of the VOR approach and holds.

image image image


Looks fun! Glad the emergency plane landed safely!

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Mustve been scary.Glad you made it there safe

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I didn’t have the emergency lol


Here is my Blog post about that emergency:http://greenebrothersflying.weebly.com/flight-experiences


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