Emergency slides

I think adding slides would be a good idea, but I would like emergencies to be added at the same time. I don’t really see the point in adding them without the emergencies.

Its a shame you can’t take honest feedback.


I have a few questions about this:

  • Will the slides be retractable again, or once you deploy them you’re not able to fly?

  • Is this for Solo and Casual only or for Expert and Training too? Because the legitimate concern here is misusing the slides - or even something as unintentional as pressing the wrong button to make the slides inflate on an active airport.

  • Simulating emergencies right now are limited to engine failures (shutting your engines down mid-flight) and control failures (purposefully flying at the edge of the envelope). How do you inform people that you’re simulating an emergency (without any pre-arrangement) and hence will be deploying slides to keep your aircraft grounded? And how is that different from having a feature request for emergencies in the sim?

Whether you have “actual” emergencies versus “simulated” emergencies doesn’t make a difference tbh. Whether the engines shut down on their own, or you turn them off - or whether someone sees flames coming out of the tail or not - the procedures and protocol and the requests from ATC are still the same. So I didn’t understand you when you said that if people don’t want emergencies in the game they should still vote for slides.

And for everyone here: let’s keep the shaming and mud-slinging to a zero level in this thread please, if we don’t want this topic to be closed.

I can and I have already responded to the same criticisms/questions repeated multiple times by people who cant read

these details have not been decided, it is up to the devs to see how they wanna implement these and consider these potential issues. But overall I think slides are a good idea and so people vote for this idea of slides. The precise details haven’t been decided I am pretty sure this kind of thing is for the devs to decide. ATC communication is another possible issue, so maybe there could be like a command to request evacuation or something you know