Emergency slides

This was closed before due to too much spam so please keep on topic.

Emergency slides are a highly desired feature which many people want in the game and due to recent developments in 3D buildings and vehicles, it will become a real possibility in the near future.
There could be a button similar to spoilers where you could arm and disarm the doors, and if armed, when the doors are opened the slides will come out. The arming and disarming of doors will add realism and fun to infinite flight. People may also use this to simulate emergencies.

Even if many people are not interested in adding emergencies DO NOT CLOSE THIS POST. Emergencies are definitely one of the most highly requested features in all flight simulators so many people want it. Whether it is added or not is a separate matter, but this should stay open so we can vote and show how much we want it. The purpose of the features category is to suggest features and this is definitely a highly demanded feature.

If you don’t think we need slides cause we dont have emergencies in game, the whole purpose of slides is to simulate emergencies you can pretend to have emergencies. Actual emergencies in the game is a totally different thing which I think is much farther off than actual emergency slides, which should be actually quite easy to add.

You may be concerned about what may happen if this is added, for example “trolling” and “abusing” however these problems can easily be fixed if the devs were to add it. For example, they may only be allowed with controller approval, or there may be a certain quota, or time limits, etc, there are many ways which these can be dealt with.

If you would like emergency slides in the game but are concerned about these types of issues, you should not worry and just vote anyways because this is definitely a highly requested feature and if people show their desire for this the devs will certainly find a way to add it and address these problems.
The most important thing and the purpose of this feature category is to tell the devs what the people want - so go show them what you want by voting.


I have a question, before I vote, in what situation would you need slides with no emergencies?


IF movies I guess


Ah makes sense. I’ll vote then

this will enable realism and simulated emergencies


Maybe it shouldn’t be allowed on expert server though

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Would you be able to put the back in?

Not everyone does IF movies though, in my opinion emergency slides aren’t needed if emergencies themselves aren’t in the game


Ah yes, slides for the emergencies we don’t have


possibly, or possibly not. maybe there could be a button to retract slides

if you add slides, that simulates emergencies so you basically simulate an emergency, not sure what you mean by adding actual emergencies (like fire or passenger problems?) the slides are so people can simulate emergencies whatever they want

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I get that but I just feel people might abuse the slides. Eg, someone lands at a hub airport and deployes slide on the taxiway hindering the experience for the people that are trying to just fly and have fun. Expert server has already detiretated without people dumping slides left right and centre, if you get me


yeah, or even at bigger airports. I’ve seen people ignore atc and hold up the whole airport


Yes especially like an airport like KSFO where if someone were to land and deploy slides on or near the intersection of 28L / 1R , 2 runways that airport usually uses will be cut off , limiting runway use to 28R and 1L , and 1L . Minding that most international departures takeoff on the 28’s. And just imagine that during an flash flight and people with low fuel already.


yeah, exactly

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ok well im sure there will be some way slides can be added while avoiding these type of problems but if you think slides are generally a good idea you can vote thats the purpose of this feature suggestion

Hey there!

If your original topic was closed. It was closed for a reason. Emergency slides I don’t think will come to IF anytime soon because we don’t have emergency’s in game.


You were the only one spamming, asking people to “VOTE!!!”

No they’re not.

Slides are closer to aircraft functions like cargo doors and windshield wipers than 3D buildings. Besides, nobody got excited for the possibility of slides when the 2020 recap dropped, maybe with the exception of you.

Will add chaos to all three servers.

Almost nobody using IF would simulate emergencies, at least not regularly.

Long story short, your claims are backed by nothing, some of your claims are entirely false, and we don’t need emergency slides for aircraft and we won’t need them for quite a while.


I think it should totally be added with passengers sliding down with emergency vehicles

Only if its not allowed on the ES. Some random people might decide to shut down an engine and stop on the runway, sending out the slides, holding up traffic until they despawn.