Emergency slides

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Yeah all fun and games til the 3 main airports (EGLL, KLAX, KJFK) are shut down cuz people are sitting on the runways after deploying the slides.


that is a concern, but the staff can address these concerns later on, it is their job to address these concerns in some way, the purpose of this post is to make the suggestion of emergencies and i know many people want emergencies so GO VOTE

To be clear, voting is voting on slides, not emergencies in general. Just wanted to clear that up.


Nah bro ima keep my vote on this one, sorry.

There’s not enough planes that have openable doors…MAYBE once more aircraft have useable doors this would be something to add, but for now it just doesn’t make much sense. The other thing is that they would not want this happening on expert or training. I’ll be keeping my vote. Sorry

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all of the newer ones have openable doors so I think slides could be added to the new planes as they are reworked

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Maybe ban it in expert? I can already see people trolling on the runway forcing go-arounds.

This is IF not RFS lol


This is just all-around a bad idea. It doesn’t matter where people are, they’re just gonna be deploying them on the runway and it’s just gonna be a big mess. This is honestly a pretty bad idea in my opinion.


@CaptainZac I couldn’t agree more!

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ok if you are worried about this kind of thing, DO NOT BE WORRIED! this will be solved by the staff, maybe only a certain grade can do it or etc, but if you want emergency slides, just vote, doesnt matter if you are worried about these kinds of things the staff will deal with it. if you DONT want emergency slides then dont vote but i know many people want emergency slides so just vote if you want it

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I’m sadly out of votes
But has my full support!!

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if there are enough votes the staff will add it and find a way to deal with all these problems

this is the next major feature update (like 3D buildings, taxiway lights, etc), so i think we need a lot of votes to show how big of an update this is, so just vote for this and remove another small vote from small requests/large requests that already have enough votes to be considered

Not to be rude, but why are you expecting the staff to deal with it? It’s your feature request.

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feature request is to request features we want to be added to the game. simple. the staff view the feature request and see what the people want, and try to add them. if many people want something, the staff will try to add them and try to fix any problems that may be caused by it. if its just too difficult or impossible they might not add it but at least they will keep it in mind that in future updates many people want it. ???

realnickchan, I believe you have a very forward thinking and creative mind. Well written post BTW.

I think this would be a great thing to implement further down the road. I believe I have a good feel for what the developers are doing with IF. While a great idea this falls into more of a niche concept rather than one that currently would be bringing a great system up to date with just the basics.

I’ll speak for myself. I am on here for the realism and I respect the other pilots that are here for the same reason. I know for sure I don’t want to see any of those things going off now because it would not represent the amount that do happen IRL.

But don’t be dismayed. While this might not be the right time we need your creative mind to suggest improvements that are along the lines of adding realism and more professionalism. Great work man.


Just saying the number of airforce proud 95 memes that would be generated by emergency’s on multi player would be horrendous. I’m all for it as a single player exclusive feature!!

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In my opinion it certainly would bring realism to the emergency side of flights but like anything else in the sim or #features would be overused and would create serious problems in busy ground situations like flashflights.

With some more brainstorming, I feel like this could become a reality, perhaps a first in flight simulation as I believe (however I could be wrong) that none of the major flight simulators out there have this feature. To make it a reality, there’d have to be a way for the app to recognize when the aircraft was in busy or controlled airspace. Perhaps it would only be available on solo? Maybe ATC would have the option to disconnect an aircraft that deployed its slides on an active runway? ATC could be able to decide whether or not to accept emergencies in their session? Maybe something to be thought about! It would be an… interesting feature, I’ll give it that… and not necessarily an impossible one to implement in my unprofessional opinion. (By that I mean I have nearly 0 coding knowledge)