Emergency Slide

I think that on aircraft with an interior, such as the CRJs, 717-200, and the MD-11F, (or all aircraft for that matter) it would be very nice to have a button in Systems (similar to the action buttons in the CRJ and MD-11F) that caused the emergency slide to come out, after an animation of the emergency door, or normal door opening. An animation that looks like an emergency slide coming out on a real-life aircraft. This, however, would only be applicable in a landing less than -700 FPM, if the aircraft ran out of fuel, or the aircraft was on the ground, off of the taxiway, ramp, apron, or runway. Here is an example of the deployment of an emergency slide on the wing:

Here is an example of the deployment of a slide under the normal door:

I have made sure that this topic is a duplicate, and if you have anything to say about the emergency slide feature on aircraft, please leave a message in this thread. Thanks!

Uh, I hope not 🤔

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I would use it on every flight. Forget taxi to gate, y’all just get out right here 😅


@LT_SLICE Here is a disclaimer

And the point of adding this is? I think there are more importantly things to add first


A realistic feature

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It would probobly be neat, but i would like airportbuildings and have people walking out the gates and some buses driving around and water we actually can crash in and see people going on those liferafts to Get to safety

Personally I think we want additions first such as taxi lights and a rework of the fleet. Like the idea, just imagine a casual server with lots of aircraft taxiing and taking off/landing with slides out 😂😂🤣🤣.


As I said @Belt

I do like this idea, but there really isn’t any emergency scenarios in Infinite Flight.

Example, if you want to do what Sully did, and go into the hudson, you really can’t land in water without any gear. I guess it could be like the doors on the CRJs and other aircraft, where they really don’t have any use, but they have a factor to it where if you look at their aircraft with a door open, you’re like, “Oh, they’re loading passengers”. It would be the same way with the slide. “Oh, they crash landed…”

I think once there is more emergency scenarios in Infinite Flight, I will consider voting. But, at the moment, not right now.


Nice idea.
But I propose we plan this after the A350, a 737-MAX that doesn’t crash, wing flex and working cockpit instruments on all aircrafts, taxi and platform lights, tilted gear, smoky tires, after burner fire on the fighters, buildings, clouds, rain, lightning and uhm…what else?


😂😂😂😂😂🤦‍♂️why tho?

It’s a great and fun idea for sure, but there’s 3 problems with it:

  • we don’t have emergency scenarios as mentioned so there’d be no point

  • there’s so many other things that need to be worked on/added before even thinking about this

  • just picture Heathrow on training server where everyone just deploys the slides whilst they touch down on the runways… It would be complete carnage

Would be awesome to have, but not just yet :)

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Nice idea but it’s pretty pointless since nothing will come out, you would next to make an interior for the aircraft and you won’t be able to fly after activating the slides. I like it but I don’t see it happening honestly sorry.

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No offense but how does this make the sim experience better at all?

It’s just for added realism. Before anyone commented on this thread, I added some specific times where the slides can be deployed, and during those times only.

Imagine it’s FNF and I’m controlling EGLL on Expert Server, and I have 4 aircraft on final 27L and another 12 inbound, and the first aircraft decides to be extremely smart and land extremely hard and comes to a vault on the runway to deploy the slides. What do I do?

I don’t know. You can’t ghost him in case he actually had a hard landing

I see no reason for this…save your votes for something else…

I would be ghosting a lot of people then. I like the idea, but it’s not worth it. Especially to any IFATC Controller