Emergency situations

I was just thinking what a professional and skillful bunch the IFATC controllers are and it made me think how about if controllers could introduce emergencies like engine failures, control surface damage, depressurisation, diversions etc etc… I think that would be so much better than just a random emergency generator like some sims. What do you think? Of course I guess there could be the option for pilots to allow or deny this.

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I am against the idea, due to multiple facts that relate to professionalism, but I can see why you’d like it, feel free to make a feature request in #features once you are trust level 2, as you’re basic now, you can request the idea, and if it gets enough votes it might be added!

Check out the #features category if you’d like to see something new in the game.
Here is a, I think, similar suggestion to your idea. Feel free to leave a vote there ;)

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Yes, go ahead and vote there for now! Thank you for linking it.

Voted - thanks for the link:)

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