Emergency Simulations


How would I simulate an emergency in live, say for example, a fire onboard and hydraulic failure?


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In practical terms IF does not have those.

You could just try really hard to imagine them as you fly 🤷🏻‍♂️.

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That’s not possible, however we do have fuel emergencies. The requirement for that is you must be low on fuel and have flown for at least 30 minutes. I would highly recommend not purposely doing it on behalf of IFATC though.


Ok, so apparently, you can lock up the controls by adjusting the sensitivity.

So I guess i could just gradually do that

Beware that other players around you and ATC will not know you are in a Emergency situation and so due to this normal expert server rules apply.

You must follow ATC instructions and respect other players, although you may be in a simulated emergency there is no such thing as ‘hydraulics failures’ in Infinite Flight :)


The region I’m doing it in has no ATC and little traffic on the ground

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The minimum is one hour.

You’ll be fine. Just remain cautious of the aircraft around you.

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I was informed of 30m

Well, whoever informed you was incorrect then, unfortunately.


There’s a app called “infinite passengers” there, you can do a emergency
The choices are
1 engine
All engines
Fuel leak
Stuck gear

Hope that helped ! :)

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Ive done a few fuel emergencies before (due to bad planning or dumb luck) and ATC almost always tells me to divert somewhere else.


Haha, idk why but this made me laugh 😂
“Go away, we don’t want your problems.”


I mean, if it’s a busy airspace I see it as more reasonable to divert

Other than that, it is kinda a go take your problems somewhere else


It’s 30m or less left

You could do engine out and flaps failure (ie. landing with low flaps).

So these you can simulate

  1. Engine flameout (cut an engine)
  2. Low fuel (self explanatory)
  3. Hydraulic failure (lower sensitivity on controls)
  4. Fire onboard (give yourself 18 mins to land, slowly lower sensitivity)
  5. Flaps failure (self explanatory)
  6. Landing gear failure (self explanatory)
  7. Medical emergency (give yourself 18 minutes to land)
  8. Explosive decompression (give yourself 5 minutes to descend to breathable altitudes)
  9. Structural failure (disable controls that would be affected by lowering sensitivity)
  10. Pilot incapacitation (go to sleep)

In IF, apart from fuel emergencies, there’s no drama, so its down to your imagination to perform an emergency procedure😂

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If im using IF PAX and it triggers an emergency, i make sure i can get ahole of tower on the community forum and explain whats going on. Its not allways possible to reach them as they may or may not be busy.

I havent needed to do this yet, because i have my failure percentage set to 5% within the app to simulate real chances of failures. Ive had a couple of failures after long flights but luckily ATC wasnt active at the time i was arriving to the airports.

Basically if you think or anticipate an emergency situstion, id make sure you have an alternative form of communication to the current controller.


Lol number 10