Emergency Scenarios on Solo Flights

I have put a lot of thought into this, and since this is the most popular flight simulator on mobile, I thought it’d be cool if someday, we can train ourselves into handling aircraft in emergencies on a flight simulator by enabling certain aircraft failures, like engine 1 fail, rudder fail, or low fuel (on cruise altitudes only, and on certain aircraft, I think it’d be more fun on Boeing 777, or 787 variants.

I think it would be so cool. Especially on long-haul flights, something can go wrong. It’d be nice to experience and handle rudder or an elevator fail halfway throughout the flight, by enabling such failures way before you spawn in an airport. I only make this topic because I’ve been recently watching lots of ‘Flight’ clips, from the movie, on YouTube!

If you all think this would fit well on IF, then vote your support:)!


Vote for this feature here!

A three year old topic…? No wonder I didn’t see it as I searched for the right topic. deep sigh

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We all do it, don’t worry. 🙂

Just my opinion but, I think I should wait and see how big this post gets before I decide to flag it. A 2017 post can’t really affect a much newer one…just my thoughts :)

True, but it is the top search result for ‘emergency’ and has got 47 votes, a high amount in the world of vote. :)

We’ll let moderators give their decision, whether this is a duplicate or not. 🙂


Good idea man. Thanks:)

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