Emergency scenario reporting option with ATC

I checked and couldn’t find anything about this so I propose that there should be a way for pilots to convey that they have an in flight emergency to ATC in IF. This will prevent scenarios where pilots encounter an emergency and ATC isn’t aware, but instead ATC thinks your trolling. This would also increase the realism of the game. Ultimately, if you agree with this idea please vote for it.

What are those in-flight emergencies you are talking about?

There’s already one for fuel.


I’d rather have this implemented when more realism comes in what I think could be in the next decade or after. For now, just stick with the fuel emergency message in case that happens.

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There aren’t any emergencies possible other that fuel. And for that emergency there already is a command.
Can’t really understand what you’re asking for, since if there’s such a command in this case it would be trolling since there can’t be an emergency.

Engine out scenario. What do you mean there is already one for fuel? As in it already exists in the game or in IFC

If you are flying for more than an hour and you have low fuel, you can request an emergency over active airspace.

It’s in the game. Why would it be on the forum if it’s a plane’s problem in the game?

A feature request could already exist

Where is the command located?

The command shows up when you’re low on fuel and you’re tuned into an ATC. It’s a rare occasion for me to hear it, but it sounds like:
“N4TE, Emergency Fuel, XXminutes remaining”


With any frequency: approach, departure, center and tower

I assume that’s a question.

Yes, with unicom as well.

Why would your engine be out? Birds aren’t simulated yet ;)

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@dush19 and @Nate_Schneller have already pointed out that there’s a button for emergencies which appear when you are low on fuel(approx. <30 min).
The best thing for now is to wait for those features @ATK is talking about to be implemented first.