Emergency request feature for ATC and Pilots

Hey guys, I’d like to recommend a new feature to come to infinite flight called emergency request, now this feature would cover any kind of emergency but mainly emergency fuel. This feature would include emergency landing (with the corresponding runways of the airport in which you are declaring the emergency at) (example: Delta 911 requesting emergency landing at Los Angeles runway 24L or Delta 911 requesting emergency fuel at Los Angeles runway 24L and etc) and emergency fuel as a option to declare Now with this ATC will need the same feature in order to respond to the corresponding emergency however you never really plan to run out of fuel but it happens and when it does not all the time will the emergency request show up which can cause a serious problem if you need to get in contact with a approach or departure or air traffic control tower or even unicom like for instance I’ll give you my experience as of recently I was leaving San Francisco with approximately 1 hour 8 minutes of fuel when I started out I was heading to Los Angeles thought I had enough fuel to make it but ended up running out when I was low on fuel I was looking for any possible way to make requests and was not able I was flying the TBM 900 when my engine switched off I once again try to declare fuel emergency and was not able I ended up gliding into KBUR for a safe self initiated emergency landing but I believe that with this feature it could be greatly helpful two pilots and air traffic control alike however I do realize that this could possibly be abused so in this case I would say to have a minimum requirement of having minimum or low fuel for this future to activate for the pilot as for air traffic control they should have full access to emergency request responses as air traffic control or highly unlikely to of use this feature. Now having said this I would love to see this come to infinite flight and I know that there’s a lot of controversy on something like this so I would love to hear the input of everyone who deals with adding features to Infinite flight. I have seen a lot of topics on this situation and I wanted to try to suggest something that would help put an end to the epidemic.



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Emergency fuel shows up already as an option. You just have to have been flying for a certain amount of time to prevent everyone taking off with 100 kg of fuel just to declare an emergency.

(And, believe me, they would.)


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Thank you!