Emergency Request Feature For All Servers!

Hey guys, I believe that a emergency request feature should be added to all servers and all frequencies within all Air traffic control and unicoms. A lot of the time when a person runs out of fuel or is low on fuel or minimum fuel the emergency request feature never shows up even if the person is well within the requirements for it to show up so my idea is that there be a feature put on all frequencies so that if a person Miss judges the amount of fuel needed or if you are in a small plane or a medium sized plane running patterns for either pleasure or someone’s tracking thread or something like that and you run out of fuel or they close and you need to depart you won’t have enough fuel to get very far like for instance you’re doing patterns at LAX and going to San Francisco once they close you’re going to need fuel especially if you’re using a Cessna 208 anyway main reason why I’m putting this out there is because along with myself I’ve seen many people bring controversy about the emergency fuel feature so I would like this to be added as a permanent feature that will activate only when you’re plane is at minimum or low fuel because otherwise this feature will be abused but much like when you try to do a fuel dump under 7,000 AGL it tells you you cannot because you’re not meeting the requirements or if you’re already below landing weight so in that same aspect if you’re required to have low to minimum fuel with an additional 1 hour requirement with 30 minutes of fuel left. But this way it would ensure that if the situation occurs anybody in Infinite flight would be able to declare an emergency or fuel emergency either one to alert that you’re in distress without having to wonder okay is feature ever going to show up but it never does or it might or whatever but if this feature comes to forwishen that question goes out the window because it will be there every time all the time but when the conditions are met it will unlock it be able to be used. All right guys I’m requesting y’alls votes and opinions on this as well thanks for reading and I hope to see you this in Infinite Flight soon as it will make Infinite flight a better experience and a better flight simulator. I don’t mind being patient as they work on this, everything takes time I understand this and as this is already a feature yes I know but it is not a permanent feature. When it is made a permanent feature it would be placed behind resend message command in all frequencies.

You can vote here. ;)


I believe what you are asking has already been requested. Please reference the link above.